Did you know? The word Spa means “Sanitas per Aqua” which is Health through water so it only makes sense that a Spa has water treatments and facilities to allow the human body to heal through its powers.

A complete upgrade the traditional float tank. With its modern design and contemporary appeal, i-sopod – the first-ever floatation pod – is the preferred choice of float centre owners who want the most reliable option on the market. Those who purchase our pods are given the benefit of our marketing knowledge and extensive float therapy experience, which helps to ensure their success.

Our superior float tank is full of innovative features:
  • i-sopod is easy to use, reliable and has a spacious floating area.
  • It can accommodate a high volume of users with minimal downtime.
  • Lit with LED spa lamps, i-sopod is hand-finished, customisable by colour and includes a built-in MP3 player and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Our product is completely programmable: Session length, music timing, disinfection and cleaning can be monitored and determined by the remote control system.

For physical and mental relaxation, pain relief, mindfulness and the exploration of consciousness. Freed from all sensation of gravity, temperature, touch, sight and sound, our float pods allow you to conserve and redirect your physical and mental energy for optimal results.