Our role entails a supervisory capacity, where we provide oversight, monitoring, and guidance to the Manager/Operator. While creating a visually appealing interior and aesthetically pleasing space may be relatively simple, establishing excellent operational systems that generate substantial profits is a far more challenging endeavour. We excel in this area, ensuring that our clients prioritize investments in operational efficiency rather than solely focusing on extravagant interiors. Moreover, it is crucial to continually assess and adapt the business’ offerings in response to client feedback and evolving market trends. This adaptability is vital for maintaining competitiveness and meeting the ever-changing expectations of clients. By following this critical development path, new business projects can position themselves for success in the highly competitive spa industry.


A thorough and systematic approach is taken to review and analyse the existing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documentation. After each visit, the SOPs are updated and upgraded, incorporating ideas and suggestions based on the findings during the visit. It is important to note that the development of comprehensive SOPs can take up to 9 months, and training all staff members can take up to 18 months. These SOPs serve as a critical foundation tool for the business, providing clear guidelines and instructions for staff members. However, it should be emphasized that creating effective SOPs is a time-consuming process that requires customization to the specific site and cannot be simply copied and pasted from other sources. The attention to detail and site-specific approach in developing SOPs ensures that they align with the unique needs and operations of the business, establishing a strong foundation for operational excellence.

We place a strong emphasis on keeping the retail offering of the wellness spa/salon business at the forefront of trends and always cutting edge. To achieve this, we constantly evaluate and make suggestions regarding display and merchandising techniques. By staying up to date with the latest industry trends and consumer preferences, we ensure that the retail products are appealing and enticing to customers. Additionally, we implement retail profitability calculators to monitor and manage the cost of goods, ensuring that it aligns with the allocated budget. This careful consideration of retail profitability helps maintain a healthy profit margin while providing customers with a curated selection of products that meet their needs and desires.

To conduct a comprehensive business analysis, we begin by providing a comprehensive list of all the reports required. These reports serve as valuable tools in assessing the performance and progress of the business. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of establishing and efficiently utilizing a robust database. This ensures that relevant data is captured and readily available for analysis and decision-making purposes. Effective booking of treatments is a critical aspect, and we offer training sessions, both virtual and on-site, to optimize the booking process. Furthermore, we recommend implementing a loyalty program supported by suitable software. This loyalty program helps foster customer loyalty and retention, while the software streamlines program management and enhances overall customer experience. By prioritizing these elements, we aim to provide a strong foundation for data-driven decision making and long-term success in the spa business.

Introducing a spreadsheet-based analysis and review system on a daily/weekly basis is essential for effectively running the business and making timely and informed decisions. This tool serves as a crucial resource, providing valuable insights and data for monitoring and evaluating the business’s performance. By regularly analysing key metrics and trends, we can identify areas of strength, areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize operations. This spreadsheet-based system becomes an invaluable tool for maintaining a proactive and responsive approach to managing the business effectively on a day-to-day basis.

Monthly visits by mystery shoppers will be conducted to assess the customer experience and provide valuable feedback. A comprehensive report back meeting will be held on their observations, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement with the team. This proactive approach ensures continuous improvement and helps maintain high standards of service excellence. By regularly engaging mystery shoppers and implementing action plans based on their feedback, we strive to create a consistently exceptional customer experience and drive business growth.

We will introduce and oversee the implementation of checklists to ensure their correct administration. Checklists are a dynamic and adaptable process that can be easily integrated into daily operations. However, it is important to note that it typically takes a minimum of three months for trial, training, and refining the checklist documents until the systems are fully operational. During this period, we will closely monitor the usage and effectiveness of the checklists and make necessary adjustments to optimize their functionality. Regular reviews and adjustments will be conducted to ensure that the checklists remain relevant and continue to meet the evolving needs of the business. This diligent approach to checklist implementation and monitoring guarantees that operational processes are streamlined, consistent, and efficient in the long run.

To ensure effective financial management, we will assess the business budgets or, if not available, we will draft a financial profit and loss statement based on factors such as size, capacity, and staffing. By establishing clear financial targets, we can monitor progress on a weekly basis and track achievements. Regular monitoring allows us to identify any deviations or areas that require improvement. We will provide recommendations for adjustments or improvements to enhance the cost-effectiveness of the operation. Our goal is to optimize financial performance and ensure that the business operates in a financially sustainable manner, maximizing profitability while minimizing unnecessary expenses. With our diligent financial oversight and targeted recommendations, we aim to foster a financially sound and successful business operation.

We provide guidance to managers on fostering a happy and loyal team within the business. This includes implementing staff incentive programs to motivate and recognize employee contributions. We emphasize the importance of projecting a professional image and maintaining a pleasant disposition to always enhance the guest experience. Additionally, we ensure that all employees have a comprehensive understanding of the business policies, procedures, rules, and regulations, promoting consistency and adherence to standards. Monthly Key Performance Indicator (KPI) meetings are conducted to evaluate employee performance, enabling us to identify areas for improvement and implement appropriate corrective measures. We also engage in Personal Development Planning (PDP) with top-level management, focusing on individual growth and skills enhancement. By prioritizing team happiness, professional development, and effective performance management, we aim to create a positive and productive work environment that delivers exceptional guest experiences.

Our six-month marketing plan focuses on driving business growth and enhancing the brand’s visibility. We ensure the implementation of an effective digital marketing campaign, providing direction for design work and content creation to maximize reach and engagement. To meet client demand, we establish regular promotion packages, ensuring ongoing enticing offers. Social media becomes a key driver for promotions, engaging all staff members and leveraging the broader reach of head office. Additionally, we actively pursue collaboration opportunities with various businesses to expand our market presence. To maintain profitability, we employ promotion profitability calculators, continuously assessing the margins of our promotions and offers. Through these strategic marketing initiatives, we aim to attract new clients, retain existing ones, and achieve sustained business success.

Efficient stock control is a vital aspect of our management approach. We implement robust stock control systems and remain adaptable to make necessary changes when required. Weekly monitoring and evaluation ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of these systems. By regularly pulling discrepancy reports, we promptly address any issues that may arise, ensuring optimal inventory management. Furthermore, we closely monitor the professional cost of goods margin, making system adjustments as needed to maintain budgetary alignment. Through meticulous stock control practices, we strive to optimize operations, minimize discrepancies, and maintain a healthy cost of goods margin.

We take a comprehensive approach to spa management, covering various essential aspects. Firstly, we ensure the development and maintenance of a well-crafted treatment menu that offers a diverse range of services to cater to different client needs and preferences. Effective booking systems and processes are implemented to streamline appointment scheduling, optimizing efficiency, and ensuring a seamless guest experience. Our focus extends to power consultations, where we empower our staff to provide personalized recommendations and expert advice to clients, enhancing their overall satisfaction. As a master retailer, we curate a selection of high-quality retail products and merchandise, offering additional revenue opportunities while complementing the spa experience. Lastly, we prioritize staff induction, ensuring that all team members are properly onboarded and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional service. By addressing these key elements, we strive to create a well-rounded spa operation that excels in delivering top-notch treatments, efficient bookings, personalized consultations, lucrative retail offerings, and a well-trained staff.

A gorgeous interior and pretty space is easy to create!  Excellent operations systems that deliver serious profit is not easy and we do this THE BEST.  Spend less on interiors and more on operations!!!

The Spa Consultants will assist your business with the following whether your spa is open or has been running for a number of years:

  • Pre-opening planning (for set up only)
  • Spa Operations Planning and full set up (day to day running of the business)
  • Spa Operations Procurement
  • Spa Software & Management Programme
  • Spa Treatment Menu
  • Spa Linen and Branding
  • Spa Trends and treatment advice and direction
  • Spa Budgets and projected profit & loss statement
  • Spa Marketing
  • Spa Equipment and profitability forecasts
  • Spa Products and margin analysis
  • Spa Recruitment guidance and Staff Contract guidance