Asher Spa & Hair

Our journey with The Spa Consultants Marisa Dimitriadis and Anna Walt began in 2021 when we, my daughter and I, were embarking on opening a Spa and Hair Salon in the clubhouse of a prestigious golf estate. We had no previous experience in the beauty industry, but my daughter has always had a passion for and knowledge of the industry and I have run businesses all my life.
Meeting both Marisa and Anna was a breath of fresh air. We had been through an arduous 9 months of renovation of the premises and connected immediately knowing this would be the start of a good business relationship.

It has been way more than just that – it has been an exciting, fulfilling, mind blowing adventure. Their expertise and knowledge of the industry, their out of the box solutions and suggestions and their supportive stance of standing by us to implement them has been more than exceptional.

No questions go unanswered, they are available for advice, counsel and support and besides offering the full “business consultancy package “the fun and enjoyment we have had during the process is exceedingly above all we expected. What a blessing the two of them are – Marisa is a nutter, full of character, drive, personality but unwavering in ensuring standards are not only implemented but maintained on a daily basis. Her training on a plethora of subjects is world class.

Anna is a master of administration – her ability to not just create but manipulate formulae to simplify processes and her reliability is phenomenal. Her attention to detail, her knowledge of “good business practice“ goes way beyond what I have seen in my 40 years in business. Her gentle but firm personality is a perfect complement to Marisa and her presence brings calmness in the midst of the most difficult situations.

We can’t speak more highly of them both and their ability to achieve what is proffered as a business consultancy is without question. We are left with not only the very best foundation for our business but a friendship that transcends any business relationship.

We will forever be grateful for the time we spent together with this dynamic duo.