The saying, “All good things come to those who wait”, is true and has been one of the biggest trials of my life. As someone who constantly expects things to happen and to happen quickly, I definitely don’t like to wait or be kept waiting.

Marisa unknowingly began her career when she was 19 years old, much like most of our country’s students she studied yet still required some extra money to pay for her car, entertainment, and other 19-year-old-enmities.  Marisa started a student job as a receptionist for a cosmetic company and within 6 months, had quit her studies, decided the Beauty and Wellness industry was her future- made the choice to pursue a career, never had she felt so persuaded, she saw a career that fit seamlessly into her life and played to her strengths. 

“Motivated and inspired by what she saw as the perfect career path, within 3 years Marisa grew from product trainer to sales rep to marketing manager and due to her abilities, attitude and fortitude was very fortunate to have learnt and excelled in all aspects of importing and distribution of cosmetic brands.

Marisa’s journey then took her to the ‘then’ biggest professional haircare distribution company where she headed up their skincare division. Within the short span of 2 years the division more than tripled its turnover with two new brands added to the portfolio, furthermore, within another 2 years the division doubled its turnover with yet another two brands “Déjà vu” was heard around the office.  The company subsequently became the largest professional cosmetic distribution company in the country, all before Marisa was 25!

She started The Spa Consultants business 15 years ago after seeing and filling the gap in the marketplace for creative consultants with a sound knowledge of how a spa and salon business should operate. “Today we have over 40 completed spa and salon projects and more than 20 operations contracts under our portfolio.”

Marisa’s continuous innovation in developing new systems and evolving existing ones in the beauty business ensures a thoroughly sustainable and profitable operation all-round.

“Since I am a cosmetic junkie and cannot get enough of products, I always wanted to own my own brand!”  Marisa was focusing only on spa and salon development and operations for the first 5 years; however, she was always on the lookout for opportunities to fill the obvious gaps discovered in the cosmetic arena of the spa and salon industry.

There was a challenge though as Marisa could not find the perfect balance in a brand, the balance of:

  • Price
  • Packaging
  • Formulations
  • Education

She decided to get her own brand formulated using the best-of-the-best ingredients, recyclable packaging, a value for money and very importantly the education of the product to ensure to the consumer and the skin therapist prescribing it that it is used correctly.

spalicious, catering for hands, feet and body was officially launched in 2009 with the goal of delivering a delicious, decadent, and memorable experience every time you use the products.

The range consists of body butters, scrubs, body masks, cuticle oils, anti-ageing hand and body products as well as an innovative three step cellulite management system. Everything you need to look after your skin and body from the neck to toes.

Today 10 years later Spalicious is in the process of repackaging – for the third time – ensuring a continuous evolution and growth within new market trends.  Watch this space for our new Spalicious LOOK.

Always wanting to create and push the envelope Marisa launched SIX Sensational Skincare at the end of 2010.

The goal of the skincare brand was simple:

  • Deliver International high-performance formulas
  • Instantly transform the skin
  • Affordable pricing

This was no easy task, since all ingredients are imported, yet 8 years later and no less than 3 formula upgrades later, SIX has positioned itself as the fastest growing professional cosmetic brand in SA and preparing for export in the coming year!  A testament to Marisa’s endeavouring spirit and motivation!

The brand continued to grow and has added to a very strong aesthetic composition with SIX Aesthetix. SIX Aesthetix is primarily focused on medical type of treatments such as skin peels, Collagen Induction Therapy, Plasma Wave technology and a recent HydraFacial using whirlpool technology, a first globally.

Marisa’s latest project which she believes is going to change the way Spa and Salon Businesses run their operations is an online platform for ongoing Business Coaching for Spa Professionals.  A platform for networking, live monthly solutions meetings, downloading spreadsheets and step-by-step of all systems required to run a spa business effectively.  This platform goes live from June 2019. Named Spa Professionals Guild, it is set to change the industry!

Marisa has been nominated for, and won, numerous industry awards such as:

  • Spa Ambassador
  • Entrepreneur Awards
  • Woman in Business and many, many more.

On top of being a business owner, entrepreneur, product creator and manager, mother, wife and friend, Marisa still manages to find time to contribute as writer for various magazines- both print and online and to be a sought-after public speaker and travels the globe giving presentations and coaching business owners and managers.

Whether it’s facing an industry problem heads-on and creating a solution, holding seminars and educational workshops globally, or discovering innovative ways of getting existing products or treatments into the hands of her suppliers and salon’s clientele, Marisa and her team are the full-one-stop-shop to create sustainable best in practise spa/salon businesses.

Marisa’s expertise, passion and experience is unmatched in the Beauty and Wellness industry.  She states confidently. “Once you pursue your passion, you never work another day, what I do is not work, it’s love.”


With over two decades of experience as a skilled Aesthetician, I bring extensive local and international expertise to my role at The Spa Consultants.

My journey began at Camelot International Health & Skincare, where I contributed to the management of the modular and part-time training division. I was responsible for delivering training modules to aspiring Aestheticians.

Seeking further growth, I ventured to the United Kingdom and worked at The Sanctuary at Covent Garden, London’s largest day spa at the time. Initially, I served as a therapist and eventually progressed to the position of team leader. Later, I joined Ultratone and travelled across the United Kingdom, training clients on the utilization of their healthcare devices.

Returning to South Africa, I became part of the management team at the esteemed Life Day Spa in Johannesburg.

Over the past 15+ years, I have collaborated closely with Marisa Dimitriadis, the founder of The Spa Consultants and Spa Professionals Guild. Together, we have undertaken diverse projects, including the establishment of new businesses, spas, clinics, and beauty salons, as well as executing operational contracts for leading spa groups in South Africa. Our scope of work encompasses all aspects of our industry and related fields. Additionally, we continuously enhance and expand our results-oriented SIX Skincare and Spalicious product lines, which bring transformative care for the skin and body.

In the current year, we have established our presence in Surrey, England, and have extended our reach to include Europe, Asia, and the USA.

I have a genuine passion for my work, as every day presents unique challenges and rewards. Witnessing a project evolve, from initial planning to its successful implementation, and simultaneously developing life-changing skincare products, is truly fulfilling.

In addition to my love for my profession, I am deeply committed to providing exceptional experiences for clients, colleagues, and industry professionals. I strive to add tangible value to their projects and ensure their utmost satisfaction.

If you have any relevant or related topics you’d like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.